Oxford Military – BSA M20 Motorcycle + Sidecar , 34th Armoured Brigade British Army 1945


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Výrobce: Oxford DiecastMěřítko: 1:76


-sběratelský model motocyklu  BSA M20 Motorcycle  1/76
-provedení: kovový model s plastovými částmi 
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                        BSA M20 Motorcycle

The BSA M20 was a British motorcycle made by Birmingham Small Arms Company (BSA) at their factory in Small Heath, Birmingham. Although initially viewed as a near failure by the War Office in 1936, the M20 evolved into one of the longest serving motorcycles in the history of British military motorcycling, as well as becoming the most numerous type produced for World War II with 126,000 in active service. Many are still in use around the world today.

Manufacturer Birmingham Small Arms Company
Production 1937–1955
Engine 496cc single cylinder side valve 4 stroke
Power 13bhp @4,200 rpm
Transmission 4 Speed / chain
Fuel capacity 3 gallons

At the outbreak of World War II BSA were Britain’s largest motorcycle manufacturer with a long history of armaments supply to the armed forces. Designed by Val Page the BSA M20 started development in 1937 as a heavy-framed sidecar model with a simple 500 cc single cylinder side valve engine. It had low compression and plenty of low-end torque through a standard BSA gearbox.

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