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-sběratelský model motocyklu Zündapp KS 750   1/43
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                              Zündapp KS 750

The Zündapp KS 750 is a World War II-era motorcycle and sidecar combination developed for the German Armed Forces during the Second World War by the German company Zündapp G.m.b.H. . Based on an ingenious rigid frame design and incorporating many unique and refined features, after entering service in 1941 this sophisticated motorcycle served on all the major German battlefronts, and thanks to its versatility and ruggedness it was extensively used in a variety of roles.

The call for the new motorcycle was also responded by BMW, which produced their prototype of the BMW R75. After long test drives both with the BMW and Zündapp prototypes the OKH was convinced that the Zündapp KS 750 was far superior to the BMW R75. Initially BMW was asked to built the Zündapp KS 750 under licence, but understandably BMW refused. However, the OKH asked BMW to adopt the superior characteristics of the Zündapp KS 750, such as the rear wheel drive solution, the hydraulic brake system and wheels. BMW and Zündapp also agreed – as demanded by the OKH – a standardisation of as many components as possible in order to streamline production and delivery of spare parts, which would then be usable and interchangeable on both models.

Development continued until 1940, eventually seven bikes were used for longer test drives and to refine the last details. On April 1940 the OKH confirmed full acceptance of the Zündapp KS 750, and despite the satisfaction with the early production models, improvements were included regularly throughout production.

The series production started in Spring 1941, and in 8 years Zündapp produced 18.695 KS 750 in their Nuremberg factory. Whilst military production ground to a halt in early 1945, a small batch was produced starting from 1946 both for the Finnish Army and civilian market.

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