Oxford Diecast – Fowler B6 Road Locomotiv , War Department United Kingdom WWI France

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Výrobce: Oxford DiecastMěřítko: 1:76


-sběratelský model    Fowler B6 "Super Lion" Road Locomotiv  1/76 

-provedení: kovovy model s plastovými částmi

           Fowler B6 “Super Lion” Road Locomotiv

Fowler Supreme and alongside it the recreated Onward at Carter’s Steam Fair in May 2016

In the early 1930s, when steam on the roads was in decline, Fowler’s, under advice from Sidney Harrison of Burrell’s, produced four of the most sophisticated showman’s road locomotives ever constructed. Incorporating many features of the popular Burrell design, they were steam’s finale. The first was No. 19782 The Lion, built in March 1932 for Anderton and Rowland of Bristol. In April of the same year No. 19783 King Carnival II was supplied to Frank Mcconville of West Hartlepool. The third engine, No. 19989 Onward, was built for Samuel Ingham of Cheshire. The last of the four, and indeed the last showman’s engine ever constructed, was No. 20223 Supreme, built in March 1934 for Mrs A. Deakin. Three of these engines survived into preservation, with Supreme and King Carnival II on road haulage duties for their last days in commercial use. Onward was the unlucky engine, being cut up in 1946; however a faithful replica of Onward was completed in 2016.

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