JC Wings – Airbus A319-115X CJ (A319CJ) , ‚2801′ Vládní letka Česká Republika – Czech Republic – Czech Air Force



Výrobce: JC WingsMěřítko: 1:200Letecká společnost: Czech Air Force - VzS AČR – Vzdušné síly Armády České Republiky


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                            Airbus A319

The Airbus A319 is a member of the Airbus A320 family of short- to medium-range, narrow-body, commercial passenger twin-engine jet airliners manufactured by Airbus. The A319 carries up to 160 passengers and has a maximum range of 3,700 nmi (6,900 km; 4,300 mi).Final assembly of the aircraft takes place in Hamburg, Germany and Tianjin, China.

Role Narrow-body jet airliner
National origin Multi-national
Manufacturer Airbus
First flight 25 August 1995
Introduction 1996 with Swissair
Status In service
Primary users EasyJet
American Airlines
United Airlines
Delta Air Lines
Produced 1994–present
Number built 1,476 as of 31 January 2019
Unit cost
US$89.6 million
Developed from Airbus A320
Variants Airbus A318
Developed into Airbus A320neo family

The A319 is a shortened-fuselage variant of the Airbus A320 and entered service in April 1996 with Swissair, around two years after the stretched Airbus A321 and eight years after the original A320. The aircraft shares a common type rating with all other Airbus A320 family variants, allowing existing A320 family pilots to fly the aircraft without the need for further training.

The first member of the A320 family was the A320 which was launched in March 1984 and first flew on 22 February 1987. The family was extended to include the stretched A321 (first delivered 1994), the shortened A319 (1996), and the further shortened A318 (2003). The A320 family pioneered the use of digital fly-by-wire flight control systems, as well as side stick controls, in commercial aircraft. The A319 was developed at the request of Steven Udvar-Hazy, the former president and CEO of ILFC according to The New York Times.

Airbus SE  is a European multinational aerospace corporation that stood as the world’s second biggest aerospace and defence company in 2018. Registered in the Netherlands and trading shares in France, Germany and Spain, Airbus designs, manufactures and sells civil and military aerospace products worldwide and manufactures in the European Union and various other countries.

Airbus SE

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