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-sběratelský model traktoru  Stalinets-60 / S-60  Tractor  1/43 

-provedení: kovový model s plastovými částmi

    Agricultural engineering in the Soviet Union – Soviet machine building industry

  • 1855 – Andrei Terentyev artisans and Moses Creek created the first Russian threshing machine.
  • 1888 – Fyodor Blinov mechanic built the world’s first model of crawler tractor.
  • 1893 – Yakov Mamin invented the plow with two plowshares
  • 1910 – Yakov Mamin created tractor “Dwarf”, later known as the “Russian tractor” . However, mass production of tractors in Russia was launched only in the Soviet Union in the 20-30s.

In 1917 the whole of Russia was 165 tractors

  • 1918 – at Petrograd factory “Bolshevik” was organized small-scale production of crawler tractors.
  • 1921 – SNK (Soviet government) decree “On agricultural engineering”.

At this time, the release of tractors engaged in Kolomna and Kharkiv Locomotive Factory, Obukhov plant. Most mass production of tractors was organized at the “Red Putilovets” (tractor “Fordson Putilovets”).

  • 1926 – started producing tractor cultivators for continuous tillage .
  • 1928 – started production of tractor plows.

In 1928, the country produced 1,300 tractors

  • 1930 – commissioned in 1930 Stalingrad Tractor Factory design capacity of 144 tractors a day. Since that time, the Soviet Union began the mass production of tractors.

At “Communard” started production of the first Soviet harvesters.

  • 1931 – was built Kharkiv Tractor Plant.
  • 1932 – started production of tractor potato harvesters.
  • 1933 – was built Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant.
  • 1937 – USSR on the annual production of combine harvesters went to 1st place in the world – 44 thousand units. against 29 thousand in the U.S.

By the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, the Soviet Union occupied the first place in the world for the production of crawler tractors .

  • During the war, many tractor factories were destroyed, some of them have relocated to the east of the country and produced for the front .
  • 1944 – resumed production of tractors.

After the war, the construction of new enterprises was continued.

  • 1946 – started production of the first tractor with a closed cabin S-80
  • 1947 – started production of the first self-propelled combine harvester S-4.
  • 1948 – Minsk Tractor Works started production of the first Soviet skidder KT-12.
  • 1956 – started production of the first industrial tractor S-100
  • 1957 – started production of the first Soviet high-power industrial tractor diesel-electric drive DET-250 .
  • 1960 – Soviet Union won first place in the world to produce tractors .
  • 1975 – came the first Soviet tractor with front cabin-industrial tractor-bulldozer T-330.

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