InFlight 200 – McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 , D-ADSO LUFTHANSA

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Výrobce: InFlight 200Měřítko: 1:200


-sběratelský model letadla McDonnell Douglas DC-10 WITH STAND  1/200
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                       McDonnell Douglas DC-10

The McDonnell Douglas DC-10 is an American three-engine wide-body jet airliner manufactured by McDonnell Douglas. It features two turbofan engines mounted on underwing pylons and a third engine at the base of the vertical stabilizer.

RoleWide-body jet airliner
National originUnited States
ManufacturerMcDonnell Douglas
First flightAugust 29, 1970; 47 years ago
IntroductionAugust 5, 1971 with American Airlines
StatusIn service as cargo aircraft
Primary usersFedEx Express

  • TAB Cargo
  • KF Cargo
  • Orbis International
Number built
  • DC-10: 386
  • KC-10: 60
Unit cost
US$20M (1972)
  • McDonnell Douglas KC-10 Extender
  • DC-10 Air Tanker
Developed intoMcDonnell Douglas MD-11

DC-10-30A long-range model and the most common model produced. It was built with General Electric CF6-50 turbofan engines and larger fuel tanks to increase range and fuel efficiency, as well as a set of rear center landing gear to support the increased weight. It was very popular with European flag carriers. A total of 163 were built from 1972 to 1988 and delivered to 38 different customers. The model was introduced in service on November 30, 1972, with Swissair and KLM as its first customers.

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