InFlight 200 – BOEING 747SP(B747) , N531PA Pan Am “Clipper Freedom”

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Výrobce: InFlight 200Měřítko: 1:200


-sběratelský model letadla  Boeing 747SP   , POLISHED WIHT STAND  1/200
-provedení: kovový model s plastovými částmi 
-model je v kvalitním provedení 
-součástí balení je stojánek

                              Boeing 747SP

Boeing 747 (často přezdíván Jumbo Jet) dálkový širokotrupý čtyřmotorový proudový dopravní letoun. Do roku 2007 byl největší osobní dopravní letoun světa, nyní je druhý největší po Airbusu A380.

The Boeing 747SP is a version of the Boeing 747 jet airliner which was designed for ultra-long-range flights. The SPstands for “Special Performance”. The 747SP is similar to the 747-100 except for the shortened fuselage, larger tailplane, and simplified trailing edge flaps. The weight saved by the shorter fuselage permitted longer range and increased speed relative to other 747 configurations at the time.

UrčeníDopravní letoun
První let9. února 1969
Zařazeno22. ledna 1970 (Pan Am)
CharakterVe službě
UživatelBritish Airways
Korean AirAtlas Air
Vyrobeno kusů1536 (září 2017)
Cena za kus268,5 milionů USD (2016)
VariantyBoeing 747-8
Boeing Dreamlifter
Boeing VC-25
Boeing E-4Boeing YAL-1


This was the second Boeing 747SP constructed. It was ordered on September 10, 1973 by Pan American as part of the airline’s order for 10 aircraft. This order was later revised to reflect the airline’s growing financial problems. The revised contract, now for 7 firm orders and 18 options, was signed on April 15, 1974. It was rolled out at the Renton plant in Boeing’s red-white-blue livery with Pratt & Whitney JT9D-7A engines in August 1975. Entered onto the United States Aircraft Register as N247SP it flew for the first time on August 14, 1975 to join the flight test program, gathering data on engine operations.

Having completed the test and certification flying it was returned to the hangar for cabin refurbishment in preparation for handing over to Pan Am in May 1976 in the full company livery. Reregistered as N531PA it was originally named ‘Clipper Liberty Bell’. This name was chosen to reflect the spirit of the upcoming bicentennial celebrations.

However as the name ‘Clipper Liberty Bell’ had already been assigned to N533PA for its special ‘around-the-world’ record-breaking flight, N531PA was renamed ‘Clipper Freedom’. Officially delivered to Pan Am as its fourth 747SP on May 12, 1976 it was configured to seat 18 First Class, 62 Business Class and 164 Economy Class passengers. By 1984 this aircraft had acquired the new Pan Am ‘billboard’ livery.

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