Corgi – Westland Wessex HC.2 , ‘XR500/A’ No.78 Squadron Royal Air Force Sharjah Air Base Trucial States 1970

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Výrobce: CorgiMěřítko: 1:72


-sběratelský model vrtulníka Westland Wessex 1/72
-provedeni: kovovy model s plastovými částmi
-model je v kvalitním provedení
-součástí balení je stojánek

                        Westland Wessex

Westland Wessex byl britský vrtulník vyráběný společností Westland v somersetském Yeovilu, jako licenční varianta amerického typu Sikorsky S-58 odlišující se použitím turbohřídelové pohonné jednotky. Jeho prvním uživatelem se stalo Royal Navy, a později vznikly i stroje určené pro Royal Air Force.

The Westland Wessex was a British-built turbine-powered development of the Sikorsky H-34. It was developed and produced under license by Westland Aircraft (later Westland Helicopters).


National originUnited Kingdom
ManufacturerWestland Aircraft
Westland Helicopters
First flight20 June 1958
Retired2003 (Royal Air Force)
Primary usersRoyal Navy
Royal Air Force
Royal Australian Navy
Uruguayan Naval Aviation
Number built382
Developed fromSikorsky H-34

Air transport for the British Royal Family and the Government of the United Kingdom is provided, depending on circumstances and availability, by a variety of military and civilian operators.


Wessex HAS.1
RN utility, anti-submarine warfare, later air-sea rescue only, 140 built, some later converted to HAS.3.
Wessex HC.2
RAF Troop carrier for up to 16 troops, One prototype converted from HAS1 and 73 built.
Wessex HAR.2
RAF search and rescue conversions.
Wessex HAS.3
RN anti-submarine version with improved avionics with a radome on the rear fuselage, 3 new-build development aircraft and 43 converted from HAS.1
Wessex HCC.4
VVIP transport for the Queen’s Flight, two built

Wessex HU.5

RN service troop transporter, carried 16 Royal Marines, 101 built

Wessex HAS31

Royal Australian Navy anti-submarine warfare model, 27 built.
Wessex HAS31B
Updated anti-submarine warfare model for the Royal Australian Navy.
Wessex 52
military transport version of the HC.2 for the Iraqi Air Force, 12 built.
Wessex 53
Military transport version of the HC.2 for the Ghana Air Force, two built.
Wessex 54
Military transport version of the HC.2 for the Brunei Air Wing, two built
Wessex 60
Civilian version of the Wessex HC.2, 20 built.

The Royal Air Force (RAF) is the United Kingdom’s aerial warfare force. Formed towards the end of the First World War on 1 April 1918,it is the oldest independent air force in the world. Following victory over the Central Powers in 1918 the RAF emerged as, at the time, the largest air force in the world. Since its formation, the RAF has taken a significant role in British military history. In particular, it played a large part in the Second World War where it fought its most famous campaign, the Battle of Britain.

Royal Air Force

Badge of the Royal Air Force
Founded1 April 1918; 101 years ago
CountryUnited Kingdom
TypeAir force
RoleAerial warfare
Size33,840 active personnel
832 operational aircraft
1,940 RAuxAF
2,220 reserve personnel
Part ofBritish Armed Forces
Air Staff OfficesWhitehall, London
Motto(s)Latin: Per Ardua ad Astra
“Through Adversity to the Stars”
MarchRoyal Air Force March Past
Chief of the Air StaffAir Chief Marshal Mike Wigston
Lord Trenchard
Lord Portal
Fin flashes
Pilot’s brevet
Aircraft flown
Trainer helicopter
Utility helicopter

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