Diamond T

Diamond T.

M20 Diamond T / M19 Tank Transporter.

M20 Diamond T.

M19 Tank Transporter.

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The M19 Tank Transporter (US supply catalog designation G159) was a heavy tank transporter system used in World War II and into the 1950s. It consisted of a 12-ton 6×4 M20 Diamond T Model 980 truck and companion 12-wheel M9 trailer.

Over 5,000 were produced, and employed by Allied armies throughout all theaters of war. It was superseded in the U.S. military by the M25 Tank Transporter during the war, but usefully redeployed in other tasks. It was superseded by the Thornycroft Antar in British service by the early 1950, though a few remained operational in units through 1971.

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